Latest release. Enjoy!
* “Fixed” cleartype font problems (disable text antialiasing to improve readablility)
* fixed values not being saved when ’save’ selected while component has keyboard focus
* Config Editor preferences - set default script editor
* Custom offset for analog meters
* Set font properties globally in Config Editor
* Text/Graph meter antialiasing can be disabled
* Permanent meter peaks option
* JPEG,GIF,ICO,BMP image support
* Alert action occurence option (Always/Once)
* Custom “Hide Tray Icon” hotkey
* Updated media plugins (kudos to Tropics) - see SpectrumReadme.txt
* Line graphic object redesigned
* Updated help file
New Features:
* Underline, strikethrough formatting for fonts
* Cursor changes over hyperlinks
* Thousand seperators for numbers
* Text meter scrolling
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