ASUS S479 to S478 Adaptor : Pentium M on P4 Boards

宏碁推出i915系列AOpen 推出 i855GMEm-LFS 可使用P-M主機板在日本引起騷動,華碩卻也悄悄的推出一款轉接卡,可以讓原本P4的主機板安裝P-M的CPU,不過並不支援低電壓技術,所以還附上了一個低噪音3000rpm的風扇,如果安裝大片的散熱片應該可以做到免風扇吧?

ASUS is going to unveil in the next few weeks an adaptor called CT-479 that allows a Pentium M mobile processor to be used on a Pentium 4 Socket 478 board. Since Pentium 4 and Pentium M has a common NetBurst Bus architecture therefore an adaptor like this is possible. This adaptor is compatible with all Pentium M processors like Banias and Dothan as well as Celeron M except ULV Pentium M due to low voltages. Dothan should be able to benefit much from the dual channel memory architecture of the 865/875/915/925X chipsets and certainly overclockability should improve greatly as well using the desktop boards with much overclocking features. At the present time, only the P4P800 is validated completely and other models should follow soon. The adaptor will be paired up with a PM cooler, a diskette and a jumper selection of FSB100/FSB133. It will be available for a decent price of under US$50.
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