FIC's New Piston PS-P4B915G

The Piston is built around a pico BTX motherboard, featuring Intel's 915G chipset. It supports Intel P4 Prescott processors up to 3.8 GHz, and either an embedded graphics solution, or a PCIe x16 graphics card. It supports two DDR 333/400mhz DIMMs, and includes on-board 7.1 audio.
The motherboard sits in the middle of the cylinder, and the storage drives are mounted underneath. The system supports one standard 3.5" SATA or IDE drives, and one optical drive (DVD or CD).
像飛機渦輪引擎的準系統,散熱不知道怎麼樣?強力渦輪散熱嗎?配上P4-3.8G,那真的會跟渦輪引擎一樣熱吧?XD (我誇張了。)


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