Konfabulator for Windows 2.1.1 released

Changes in 2.1.1
- Fixed problem where windows would get chopped off after changing resolutions.
- Fixed problem in The Weather where it would be perpetually nighttime (or daytime).
- Added URL.responseData to allow Widget authors to get at the server response data even if the status code was not 200.
- Possibly fixed an issue some people experienced with the WiFi Widget not loading with a string encoding exception.
- Fixed bug that caused URR Widget (and possibly other Widgets with highly dynamic content) to crash.
- Fixed issue where if you created a window in JavaScript and then set something in preferences, you'd see an error in the debug window about "window001" or the like not being found. We no longer use JS to set the preferences.
- Added system.userWidgetsFolder
- Fixed potential crash in popupMenu call.
- Fixed kEaseNone validity checking - it was being rejected as a possible value in animations.
- Fixed animation code to behave nicer when no parameters are passed into start()
- Fixed CustomAnimation to behave better if a floating point number was passed in for the interval.
- Changed CustomAnimation so that you cannot pass an interval of zero.
- We now remove handlers property if set to an empty string or null.
- Fixed openURL to handle other protocols better (e.g. mailto)
- Fixed bug where Widgets launched when Konspose was active were not aware of Konspose and would show up behind the backdrop.
- Implemented system.event.timestamp.
- Fixed issue where we might not find a header in an HTTP response if the case was wrong.
- Fixed issue where if you started an async fetch of a URL inside the done proc for a previous one it would crash.
- Fixed issue where passing an array into runUntilDone could crash.
- Fixed issue where a non-editable text area was not sending onMouseUp/Down/etc.
- Fixed issue where animations now make sure that the object they are animating can’t get garbage collected during the animation.


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