The BlueScreen World.

恩,記事放兩邊,好笑的擺中間,猛然看到,想不 PO 還覺得有點難過。
閒著沒事,最近又開始在網路上亂逛,發現在今年推出各式官方部門的 Blog (像是 IE7 Blog)與 CHANNEL 9 等網站之後,微軟現在倒是真的開始在扭轉他們於消費者心目中的形象,新推出沒多久的 Port25 是最近比較吸引我閱讀的地方,隨手在上面亂亂翻,也不知道怎麼的逛到這個東西:
BlueScreen Screen Saver v3.2
One of the most feared colors in the NT world is blue. The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) will pop up on an NT system whenever something has gone terribly wrong. Bluescreen is a screen saver that not only authentically mimics a BSOD, but will simulate startup screens seen during a system boot.
•On NT 4.0 installations it simulates chkdsk of disk drives with errors!
•On Win2K and Windows 9x it presents the Win2K startup splash screen, complete with rotating progress band and progress control updates!
•On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 it present the XP/Server 2003 startup splash screen with progress bar!



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