SamrtPhone PocketPC 傻傻分不清楚?

Differences Between the Two Versions
Windows Mobile for Pocket PC is the version that is used with the most full-function cellular-wireless devices. These come with touchscreens, and their displays can be rotated between portrait and landscape modes.
Pocket PC are the only Windows Mobile devices that come with Office Mobile, which allows them to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
In addition, there is far more software available for Pocket PCs.

Windows Mobile for Smartphone is the version specifically created for phones. These are typically much smaller than Pocket PC devices. They don't use a touchscreen, and have been designed around allowing the user to completely control the device with just one hand.
WM Smartphones don't include Office Mobile, but many of these devices come with ClearVue suite, which allows users to view -- but not edit -- Microsoft Office documents.
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