Get Annoying Snap Preview Anywhere Out of Your Browser (Way 2)

之前寫過一篇文章 Get Annoying Snap Preview Anywhere Out of Your Browser 只能針對 Firefox + AdBlock or AdBlock Plus才能使用,這樣似乎蠻煩的。
沒想到這兩天又有一篇介紹怎麼安裝 Snap Preview Anywhere 的文章爬進熱門書籤榜,怪哉,一此情況沒用 Firefox 的人豈不煩到死?所以有人煩到 Snap Preview Anywhere 去了,一堆人都在問有沒有別的方法能夠剔除這種煩人又無用的效果:
Q: Can I disable Snap Preview Anyhwere?
A: Yes, you can. See below:
Snap Preview Anywhere Deactivation
Deactivation requires the use of cookie technology. If you should delete your cookies, please note that Snap Preview Anywhere will be re-activated for all sites automatically.
Click here to disable Snap Preview Anywhere. Please note, you must refresh the affected pages or clear your cache for these changes to take effect.
如果你正在遭受 Snap Preview Anywhere 的干擾,就點下上面的連結或下面的 Via This Link,網站會送一個 Cookie 到你的電腦去,之後遇到有安裝 Snap Preview Anywhere 的網站、 Blog ,相關功能都不會再起作用了,因為是 Cookie, Firefox 與 IE 都能使用。




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