You Love Macs? I love it too. Install OSX 10.4.8 on a normal Intel/AMD Computer

我曾安裝過的 Mac OS X 有 10.4.4、10.4.6 跟 10.4.8,執行的機器是在 AMD CPU 的主機上,可是每次安裝完後,大概跑個兩三次就沒興趣再繼續使用了,後來乾脆把 Mac OS X 放在 VMWare 裡面執行,對於一般應用就綽綽有餘了,不過最近搜尋 " Mac OSX AMD " 而來的人還真不少,其實安裝 Mac OS X 沒什麼要訣,跟安裝 Windows XP 一樣,都必需要知道怎麼破解啟動程序。

對 Mac OS X 而言就是要在安裝前就先破解 DVD 上的 TPM 驗證程式的部份,所以搜尋 Mac OS X AMD 是很難找到答案的,應該去搜尋破解的相關詞才對。我也看到有兩個 Referral Link 很好笑,分別是在 Google 中輸入「教我安裝 Mac OS X」、「幫我安裝 Mac OS X」,這樣的問法去知識+ 比較有用吧?XD

底下的步驟說明只是給一般沒安裝過 Mac OS X 使用者看,實在是沒啥內容,但是在 Digg 上還是一堆人在 Digg,很怪啊,這讓我懷疑許多人在 Digg 中按 Digg 跟黑米中按收藏或推時,到底有沒有去看連結中的內容呢?
Install OSX 10.4.8 on a normal Intel/AMD Computer
Read this before reading the guide:
There are only two ways to install OSX 10.4.8 legal on your Windows computer:
1. Become an Apple developer
2. You can also buy an Intel Mac (I would recommend the Mac Pro!), install Windows XP on it using Apple’s Boot Camp and remove OSX completely, so that you have a legally bought osx86 licence. This method isn’t confirmed and some people say it’s illegal because the EULA says that you aren’t allowed to install OSX on non-Apple hardware.
This means that for most people it is ILLEGAL to install osx on their computer. If you aren’t an Apple developer, leave page site now. This site is in no way liable or responsible for the actions of its visitors.

So what is this?
This is a guide about installing the newest OSX build on your regular computer, so not on an Apple, but on a Linux/Windows comuter. Following this guide will remove everything installed on your computer. This guide is NOT for dual booting OSX. If you don’t want to lose data and/or want to dual boot OSX, go to this page.

You need:
1. A prepatched OSX 10.4.8 install image (you need to be an Apple developer to get this and it isn’t allowed to download the file you get by typing the search term “JaS” on the regular places).
2. An empty DVD recordable (+R or –R, NO Rewritable!)
3. At least 6 GB free space on a HD.
4. A SSE2 supporting processor (SSE only isn’t supported, SSE2 and/or SSE3 is supported) .

The guide:
0. Make sure the processor of the machine you’ll be installing supports at least SSE2! If the computer runs Windows, you can check this requirement by installing CPU-Z.

1. Get a prepatched OSX install image.

2. Burn the image to an empty dvd recordable (+R or –R)
Use your favorite burn program for this (I recommend Nero Burning Rom or Alcohol 120%)

Don’t read the next step until you backupped all important data on your computer!

3. Insert the OSX install disk and reboot your computer.

4. Boot the DVD, when the grey Apple stops spinning, select your Language (I’ll choose English for this guide)

5. On the top of the screen, click ‘Utilities’ and then ‘Disk Utility’.

6. Disk Utility starts. Select your Hard Disk (the whole Hard Disk, not just a partition). Hit the erase tab and set the Volume Format to “Mac OS extended (journaled)”. Hit Erase.

7. Wait until the process finishes and close Disk Utility (by clicking the red dot at the top left corner of the screen).

8. Follow the installation steps on your screen, select the HD with the partition you made in step 6 and don’t forget to choose ‘customize’.

In the Customization window, select either the Intel or OSX. Choose more packages if they apply.

9. After finishing the installation, wait for the computer to reboot, remove the install disk and start playing with your native OSX installation!

10. Make a donation to

11. Click here to read some tricks to speed OSX up


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