Wikipedia 維基百科陰謀和華爾街的崩盤:知識菁英的抓馬(Drama)

早在二年半之前, CEO Patrick Byrne 為《華爾街日報》寫了一篇社論,警告一些廣泛使用的股票操作方法——包括肆無忌憚的“無預先借貨的賣空” Naked short selling( the article are under protected. )——可能威脅美國金融市場的健康,但這篇社論沒有發表,因為《華爾街日報》認為不適合,與自己的立場不合。直到今年 9 月 23 日這篇社論才終於在富比世)上見光,Byrne 加了一些段落解釋「無借貨賣空」加速了自經濟大蕭條以來美國最大的金融危機:
這並不是事後諸葛亮,The Register 用證據明確的指責了一位原知名金融業記者的劣跡,Forbes.com專欄作家、前《商業週刊》記者 Gary Weiss 利用維基百科扭曲輿論,並將 Byrne 描述為一個瘋子。他使用多個匿名帳號,編輯維基百科上的相關文章,四處散發謠言。The Register 還指責維基百科高層,包括 Jimbo Wales ,在保護 Weiss 上合謀。如果是真的,那麼這可能是最惡劣的精英操控大眾觀點的事件。
沙粒豆上看到的文章,起始則是屎拉稀豆的這篇 A Wikipedia Conspiracy and the Wall Street Meltdown
"This is The Register's world-class investigative piece concerning one aspect of the meltdown on Wall Street ('naked short selling') and how the criminals engaged a journalist to distort Wikipedia to confuse the discourse. The article explicitly and formally accuses a well-known US financial journalist, Gary Weiss, of lying about his efforts to distort a Wikipedia page under assumed names, and accuses the Powers That Be in Wikipedia (right up to and including Jimbo Wales) of complicity in protecting Weiss. This is not another story about a 15-year-old farm kid in Iowa pretending to be a professor. This is like the worst Chomskian view of Elites manipulating mass opinion. But it is all documented."

We discussed the alleged Wikipedia manipulation when The Register first wrote about it last December. The submitter is the CEO of and a major player in this drama from the beginning.
發文者署名 Patrick Byrne (XD),然後往前追 The Rigister 的文章 Emails show journalist rigged Wikipedia's naked shorts,然後再沿著整個 Link 看下去,一整個就是精彩!如果此事是真的,這足以堪稱現今網路媒體界超大的抓馬 Drama 啊!並且從美國 WSJ 一路到英國 The Rigister 後再回到美國去,抓馬跨國界啊!


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