The Best Chrome Extension Today - Nothing

這大概是我看過最讚的 Google Chrome Extension - Nothing
This must be the most powerful & useful extension of Google Chrome.
這一定是 Google Chrome 最威力與有用的延伸功能。
It's the BEST one I think and I give it 5 stars. LOL

"This extension is great. it's so lightweight and quick. It's does everything it says it would. 5 stars!" -- Brian.

"I can't believe it, an extension I can actually use!" -- Alex

"There's nothing to like about this app. Does nothing better than any other app I have ever used." -- RBL

"This Extension Is A Pretty Cool Guy. Eh Does What Its Suppose To And It Doesn't Afraid Of Anything." -- Sonic

"Greatest extension ever made, completely changes how you navigate the internet!" -- Charles

"does exactly what it says."
"This is the greatest nothing ever!"
"I was 100% satisfied with this app. It did everything it was suppose to, no strings attached."
"Awesome!" -- Anonymous

中午看到就急忙用 iPod Touch 發上來了,現在補個連結與位置。

事實上這可以看作是一個「逆行銷」,以 Google 以往補洞速度之快到望塵莫及而言,這個發布出來的外掛到現在遲遲還沒有被更正的原因,或許是因為這個外掛已經成為 Google Chrome 的最佳代言人:因為 Google Chrome 根本不需要這麼多外掛,所以 Google 乾脆讓這個延伸功能繼續掛著,同時也是一種享受幽默與展現氣度的表現。

這篇發完之後陸續還有不少有趣的評論出現,像是吃中飯時看到其中有一則很經典的 " Changed my life." 讓我笑到噴湯,很多都很幽默。


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